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Posted by Steve Geneseo on Nov 14th 2022

When the Ingalls family first arrived in the village of Walnut Grove, they were outsiders. They lived outside the village proper and had roots in another part of the country. In sharing the beloved stories of her youth, Laura Ingalls Wilder touched on universal feelings of insecurity and vulnerability that come with moving to a new place. During those times the trivial concerns … read more

Posted by Steve Geneseo on Oct 8th 2022

Everyone enjoys stepping out of their own shoes occasionally. It allows us to try on someone else’s and helps us imagine the world from a different perspective. Who hasn’t dreamt of being a king or a queen for a day? Maybe that’s why Halloween’s popularity continues to grow year after year. Dramatic play doesn’t start and end in preschool. It starts before and continues well … read more

Posted by Steve Geneseo on Sep 20th 2022

Preschool Little House Pretend-Play Nurtures Young Imaginations
Quality toys can be much more than just a diversion or distraction. Especially during early childhood development, toys which include recognizable characters from favorite storybooks can encourage dramatic play through manipulation of figures (or even dressing as those characters) while at play. According to Will Erstad of Collegis Education, when children act out scene … read more

Posted by Sean Catino on Jul 15th 2022

Scrapbooking: Cherishing The Treasures in The Queen’s Treasures
The toys that we love tell a story of who we are, who we were, and the memories we hold near and dear to our hearts. Too often we put these memories in the attic to collect dust as adulthood pushes us to more pressing matters. Between the taxes, the jobs, and the mailboxes stuffed with bills, is there a way that any of us can afford to keep the time and space to still keep thes … read more

Posted by Sean Catino on Jul 8th 2022

NO PLASTICS - The Queen’s Decree Minimal Plastic Use Products For Safety & Environmental Preservation
It’s no question that plastic management will play a huge role on the world stage in the decades to come. In the Issue Debrief by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, it’s reported that “At least 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, and plastic makes up 80% of all marine debris found from surface waters to deep-sea sediments.” Moreover, the … read more
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