Posted by Sean Catino on Jul 8th 2022

NO PLASTICS - The Queen’s Decree Minimal Plastic Use Products For Safety & Environmental Preservation

It’s no question that plastic management will play a huge role on the world stage in the decades to come. In the Issue Debrief by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, it’s reported that “At least 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, and plastic makes up 80% of all marine debris found from surface waters to deep-sea sediments.” Moreover, the issue is fueled by a lot of our habits of online shopping. In a statistical report published by Statista, “The global e-commerce industry used approximately 2.1 billion pounds of plastic packaging in 2019. It is projected that e-commerce plastic packaging use will continue to grow in the coming years, reaching an estimated 4.5 billion pounds by 2025.” In short, we all love our plastics, but the convenience of online shopping is creating more and more of it over the years. The question is though, what exactly can we do about this?

The simple answer is to use less of it! The Queen’s Treasures not only takes special care in assuring traditional quality in our stock of heritage-grade toys, but there’s also an eco-friendly benefit to our approach to playtime! All of our 18” dolls, doll accessories, and furniture pieces contain no plastic and our packaging uses minimal plastic components for safe-shipping purposes. Although celebrating our traditional heritage of our classically styled 18” doll collection was not inherently a choice fueled by green initiatives, it’s an amazing benefit to consider! Our pioneer ancestors were definitely not crippled by a fear of filling the ocean with plastic to say the least.

In addition to using as little plastic as possible, our product line is ardently safety-tested. From the moment your favorite child enjoys opening up and hugging their newest and favorite doll, we’ve put all the love and hard work into making sure the product is just as safe as it is lovable and that the choices we make are working hard to make sure every one of our kids grow up to see bright blue skies, clean oceans, and fresh air to breath.

Interested in tips on reducing your plastic use? Visit The Green Foundation’s website for tips on how to do just that! Even if you can’t practice all the suggestions, just trying out a single practice of plastic reduction will add up as you do your part in making a greener future for the kids of tomorrow.

At The Queen’s Treasures®, we believe that imagination is the key to unlocking a whole new world outside of the digital age we’ve been thrust into. The aim of our products is to help inspire and nourish creative play that begins in a child’s mind so they can grow their imagination and fuel creativity. With toys designed to be memorable, they are lovingly made to be in your family for years to come so that generations from now, that imaginative fun can still flow. Our products are tested to meet or exceed testing standards in the USA, and Canada so that you and your children can play with peace of mind.

Thus, we cordially invite you to enter the great hall and begin your perusing of our finest treasures, made just for you!

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