Posted by Steve Geneseo on Sep 20th 2022

Preschool Little House Pretend-Play Nurtures Young Imaginations

Quality toys can be much more than just a diversion or distraction. Especially during early childhood development, toys which include recognizable characters from favorite storybooks can encourage dramatic play through manipulation of figures (or even dressing as those characters) while at play. According to Will Erstad of Collegis Education, when children act out scenes from a favorite storybook, it “gives them a deeper understanding of the narrative structure and character motivations found in familiar stories.”

The benefits of this preschool “fun” are many and include the development of core components that make up an individual. Among them are creativity, self-expression and problem-solving. Dolls, bears or other figures provide a natural extension of stories through play. By choreographing their movements and interactions, children automatically combine imaginative play with the development of their fine motor skills. So, what we think of as children just having a good time is also a rich and powerful brew of developmental stimulants!

What better way to set the stage for such enrichment than combining My First Little House Books with the new preschool-perfect Little Bears on the Prairie playsets – both illustrated by Renée Graef, the same award-winning artist?

So what are you waiting for? Winter’s on its way. Laura and Mary Ingalls have plenty of adventures happening in the cabin, while Nellie and Willie Oleson are surely up to mischief at the mercantile. Set the stage and let your child’s vision of the stories be revealed!

At The Queen’s Treasures®, we believe that imagination is the key to unlocking a whole new world outside of the digital age we’ve been thrust into. The aim of our products is to help inspire and nourish creative play that begins in a child’s mind so they can grow their imagination and fuel creativity. With toys designed to be memorable, they are lovingly made to be in your family for years to come so that generations from now, that imaginative fun can still flow. Our products are tested to meet or exceed testing standards in the USA, and Canada so that you and your children can play with peace of mind.

Thus, we cordially invite you to enter the great hall and begin your perusing of our finest treasures, made just for you!

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