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Posted by Steven Geneseo on Aug 24th 2023

Saturday, August 26th will be the 103rd anniversary of a spectacularly momentous day in our country. Up until it was officially codified as an amendment to the Constitution, equal voting rights were not the accepted norm for women. A woman’s political representation came from her father, spouse, brother, son, or other men in her community. Thank goodness the women’s su … read more

Posted by Steve Geneseo on Jun 14th 2023

The month of June officially kicks off a celebration of the Great Outdoors. Traditionally, this brings families and friends out into the countryside or up into the mountains to experience the beauty and majesty of nature. But who’s to say this is the only way to gain inspiration and find joy in the world outside four walls?A child’s curiosity about the environment is a very … read more

Posted by Steve Geneseo on May 16th 2023

For millennia, people have been baking, sharing, and enjoying all sorts of delicious foods. Using campfires, hot coals or ovens, bakers have filled the air with the delicious aroma of their creations. Whether baking breads, pastries, vegetables or meat, these intrepid pioneers have been a blessing to humankind. On May 21st, we celebrate World Baking Day. For all the posi … read more

Posted by Steve Geneseo on Apr 24th 2023

As we celebrate National Adopt-A-Pet Day on April 30th, thousands of families will make connections with furry friends who enrich their lives with affection and even protection. Pets remind us of the care we can give to ourselves, to others, and to the world around us. They’re good medicine that doesn’t require a prescription. And pets love to play.Dramatic play is healthy … read more

Posted by Steve Geneseo on Apr 3rd 2023

Doll clothing naturally reflects the time periods of the figures they’re meant for. A garment represents many aspects of the time and place in which it was created. It can reflect moral attitudes, geographical locations, the availability of natural resources and technological advances. These important accessories add character and context for doll collectors and enormou … read more
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