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Posted by Sean Catino on Jun 29th 2022

The Queen’s Treasures not only offers a rich collection of heritage-inspired pioneer doll collections. We also offer a chance to celebrate the pioneering spirit that built the West into a global hub for culture, art, science, and innovation. It’s no secret that all of this was built through the hard work and determination of pioneering women. In honor of the brave and courageou … read more

Posted by Sean Catino on Jun 17th 2022

The Queen’s Treasures Invites You to Learn & Embrace Our Grand American History of Toys
Toys were not always common in American households. In a blog detailing the history of toys, Rebecca Onion reports “In the first half of the 19th century, American homes—especially the poorer ones—were still relatively barren of playthings.” Children had to build their own toys if they weren’t employed or if they had free time on their hands. In early American history, pre-asse … read more

Posted by Sean Catino on Jun 10th 2022

Father’s Day News Alert: Playtime with Dolls Can Include Dad Too!
Father’s day is just around the corner! This is a special day for fathers who have time to spend with their children, and it gives many families a chance to celebrate together while strengthening their bonds as a family.However, many fathers find themselves at a loss at what to do when it comes to playtime with their doll-loving children. Have no fear, The Queen’s Treasures has … read more

Posted by Sean Catino on Jun 3rd 2022

A Brand You Can Grow With - The Queen’s Treasures New Toddler Playsets
What’s the value of a toy? Parents or family members may only buy a toy knowing that their child will play with the toy for a few months at most. Whether it be a doll, a game, or a collectible figurine playset, kids have so many choices for what they want to play with that no one expects one single item to last for long.However, because of this phenomenon, brands like American … read more

Posted by Sean Catino on May 27th 2022

Fundamentals for Storing 18 Inch Doll Collections
Whether you’ve loved dolls since childhood or you’ve found yourself accidentally garnering a collection of these one-of-a-kind toys, it’s not uncommon to find yourself with a doll collection with no idea how to display or store them. Regardless of their age, your dolls can last a lifetime when given the proper care and storage. Here are just a few steps to make sure your doll c … read more
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