Posted by Sean Catino on May 27th 2022

Fundamentals for Storing 18 Inch Doll Collections

Whether you’ve loved dolls since childhood or you’ve found yourself accidentally garnering a collection of these one-of-a-kind toys, it’s not uncommon to find yourself with a doll collection with no idea how to display or store them. Regardless of their age, your dolls can last a lifetime when given the proper care and storage. Here are just a few steps to make sure your doll collections can stay safe, sound, and still as lovable as the day you got them.

  1. If not being played with, keep your dolls in a safe place. Doll safety can mean a couple of things, however. Spruce Crafts describes that “In general, try to keep your dolls displayed away from direct sunlight, strong artificial light (especially fluorescent lights and hot lights), and curious pets and children. Dolls should also not be displayed in areas with extreme temperatures; try to display your dolls in a temperature-controlled room.”
  2. Don’t crowd your dolls when storing them. Although this might seem like the best option when you’re short on space, you may be doing more harm than good. Arts on Earth warns against crowding, warning collectors that, “Doing so may damage your dolls clothing.” Using multiple shelves or display cases are recommended to maximize your display opportunities with small spaces. Even if your collection is smaller, using one of The Queen’s Treasure’s storage options is an easy way to cleanly and safely store all of your doll’s accessories with the dolls themselves in a chic and elegant way.
  3. Consider storing them in tableau or a scene! Putting doll furniture and accessories in a scene with your favorite dolls is a fabulous way to display your old dolls. Whether they’re comfortably sitting in a kitchen set or lying down in bed, this will give a special life to your dolls every time you pass by. Additionally, all those old accessories and furniture pieces no longer will have to be hidden away in a storage box or collecting dust in an eBay listing; you can preserve your doll the best way possible to enjoy for many years to come! Consider checking out all of our extensive lifestyle photos that we have available on our listings for ideas on how to pose your dolls.
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