Posted by Sean Catino on Jun 17th 2022

The Queen’s Treasures Invites You to Learn & Embrace Our Grand American History of Toys

Toys were not always common in American households. In a blog detailing the history of toys, Rebecca Onion reports “In the first half of the 19th century, American homes—especially the poorer ones—were still relatively barren of playthings.” Children had to build their own toys if they weren’t employed or if they had free time on their hands. In early American history, pre-assembled toys were only available for richer families. Some items like the classical 18” doll were sometimes kept as decor or forbidden from being used in common play to preserve their integrity.

However, as time progressed, many wooden toys were built by boys or men. Women and girls were only taught the skills of sewing amongst other household necessities. This left many young girls only able to build ragdolls of their own; any wood furnishings for play had to be built by their male family members. Although the lack of equal education and skills amongst the sexes is a historical blemish, it was still an undeniable labor of love when a father would take extra time out of his day to lovingly craft furniture or toys for his children and family. Moreover, American craftsmanship is a part of our western heritage. Our pioneer ancestors put in hours of sincere love and sincerity into their homemade gifts to their loved ones.

In modern day America, we’ve definitely come a long way from building wooden dollhouses by candlelight. We’re always just a few phone clicks away from ordering the newest doll accessory from the internet to be conveniently delivered right to your doorstep. However, The Queen’s Treasures like to give you an opportunity to bridge the historical gap. Our furniture is lovingly crafted, preassembled, and made of hardy, heritage-quality wood and wood products. You and your family can get the same loving quality that our American ancestors worked so hard for with the same convenience we’ve all learned to love and welcome. Even for our heftier pieces like our wagon, we offer a “mostly” pre-assembled product that includes easy-to-read, quick, and simple instructions to make sure your favorite doll-loving child can feel the joy and excitement of getting a one-of-a-kind piece of doll furniture.

Homemade doll toys and furniture aren't exactly accessible with our modern-busy schedules, but with The Queen’s Treasures’ unique line of wooden toys, you can deliver the same love and care your great-great-great-grandpa gave his daughters for their birthdays or holidays.

For whatever occasion you might be thinking about surprising your favorite little tike with a doll accessory or playset, we invite you to browse our carefully curated selection of wooden furniture and playsets. There’s never a day too late to share the joy of lovingly crafted 18” doll furniture with your child, because with The Queen’s Treasures’, the treasures of yesteryear are never too far away.

At The Queen’s Treasures®, we believe that imagination is the key to unlocking a whole new world outside of the digital age we’ve been thrust into. The aim of our products is to help inspire and nourish creative play that begins in a child’s mind so they can grow their imagination and fuel creativity. With toys designed to be memorable, they are lovingly made to be in your family for years to come so that generations from now, that imaginative fun can still flow. Our products are tested to meet or exceed testing standards in the USA, and Canada so that you and your children can play with peace of mind.

Thus, we cordially invite you to enter the great hall and begin your perusing of our finest treasures, made just for you!

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