Posted by Sean Catino on Jun 3rd 2022

A Brand You Can Grow With - The Queen’s Treasures New Toddler Playsets

What’s the value of a toy? Parents or family members may only buy a toy knowing that their child will play with the toy for a few months at most. Whether it be a doll, a game, or a collectible figurine playset, kids have so many choices for what they want to play with that no one expects one single item to last for long.

However, because of this phenomenon, brands like American Girl have a different kind of “legacy” value, enabling families to buy a child a toy that they can grow with and cherish well into adulthood from playtime to a rich adult collection of classic dolls.

To make sure a gift of a toy matters, 18” dolls and related accessories are a perfect way of allowing children to grow and cherish their toys of choice. 18” dolls open up a world of opportunities for children. A holiday or birthday gift of accessories, doll outfits, or doll furniture can bring a reinvigorated freshness to your child’s cherished playmate. Gifts like these can make sure your dolls won’t be trapped away in an abandoned toybox. Instead, you’ll be able to see your child loving, playing, and putting their mind to work with a toy that stands the test of time.

The Queen’s Treasures aims to give you more freedom and safe accessibility to help bring a joy-filled legacy to your children’s toybox. Carefully and lovingly designed, a new playset is premiering in The Queen’s Treasures unique offerings. Available for pre-order now, My First Little House on The Prairie Playsets give your child a chance to engage with a classically-styled toy that sparks imagination and joy. Safety-tested and made to be certified adorable, these bears are the perfect way to introduce your child to a line of toys that can last them forever.

Safe for toddlers, these playsets are a perfect way to take imaginative play on the go while enjoying the classical stories of Little House on The Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Teach your child early about great American history and inspire creativity by giving the gift of these unique playsets. Coming in a log cabin variety and a mercantile shop option, there’s so many opportunities for playtime.

As a starting toy, nurturing a love for classic American toys will give your child a deep-rooted enjoyment of the history behind these toys. From the toddler playsets of today, you’ll have no lack of options to provide them more chances to enjoy these traditional treasures with The Queen’s Treasures rich stock of pioneer-styled 18” dolls and doll accessories tomorrow. 

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