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Posted November 1st, 2021

All the donated toys have been loaded on the truck! These 3 pallets will join the rest of the donations being gathered by The Toy Foundation for the children of Ukraine!
So excited to see these donations begin the first leg of the journey. We sincerely hope these toys will bring some smiles to those who need it most. Thank you to the customers who joined with us to send an additional $4,000 in toys...for a grand total of $34,000!!!
#ukraine #thankyou #toys

Please join your colleagues in making a monetary ( and/or product ( donation today. The need is still urgent and enormous.
#toyfoundation #toydonation #toyindustry #StandWithUkraine


For many of us, it is hard to idly stand by and watch the heinous events occurring in Ukraine. We all continue to go on with our daily lives unsure of how we can help, how to offer a hand in support. It is impossible to imagine the pain the Ukrainians have endured in the wake of this devastating war with many having to abandon their homes and flee in hopes of finding safety. 


Therefore, with the hope of providing some relief, even if just in the form of a child’s smile, The Queen’s Treasures will be donating $30,000 in toys to the Toy Foundation.



Thank you to those that joined with us to donate toys to Ukraine via The Toy Foundation!



We couldn’t be more excited to announce that your favorite furniture items are finally back in stock! Many of you have been patiently waiting for over a year to get your hands on our coveted Farmhouse items such as the table and hutch. Not to mention the perfect doll-tote, our white wardrobe trunk as well as the best holiday-gift, our beautiful advent calendar, are here. The wait is over and we can’t wait to ship out your orders.

          Our shipping container has arrived at port this week and will be arriving at our warehouse within the next few days. As per our shipping policy, once we get these items unloaded, we will be sending out your orders the same day. 

          Haven’t heard about these gorgeous pieces? Check out the link below to browse the selection of items and bring one home today.

Posted January 12th, 2022

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Shipping Update:

We're officially on the water!

Farmhouse Collection now arriving in January!

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