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Posted by Paige Vant Hoogt on Dec 7th 2021

After a hearty Thanksgiving meal brimming with decadent aromas, we've found ourselves in a happy food coma. However, although the food has filled us and perhaps even you up, we're finding ourselves giddy with excitement. The wrapping up of a meal so great can only be followed by the best kind of treat (and no we're not talking about that delicious apple pie your aunt made). Bla … read more

Posted by Paige Vant Hoogt on Dec 2nd 2021

The reviews are in: we're a hit!Over the years we have found ourselves privileged enough to have received numerous reviews from a variety of different websites and bloggers. From our clothes to our furniture and even our dolls, we are always ecstatic to hear what the community has to say about us. Although not everything listed below is up-to-date, we encourage you to peru … read more
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