Posted by Paige Vant Hoogt on Dec 7th 2021

After a hearty Thanksgiving meal brimming with decadent aromas, we've found ourselves in a happy food coma. However, although the food has filled us and perhaps even you up, we're finding ourselves giddy with excitement. The wrapping up of a meal so great can only be followed by the best kind of treat (and no we're not talking about that delicious apple pie your aunt made). Black Friday is finally here!

However, here at The Queen's Treasures we do sales with a sense of flair and so this year the Queen herself would like to cordially invite you to our Black Friday Faire. A unique selection of our most beloved items are now 20% off for an undetermined but still limited time. You didn't think a faire would only last one day, did you?

From some of our favorite furry friends like the adorable bright-eyed husky and that mischevious orange tabby, to some of our staple pieces such as the sliding barn door trunk, there's sure to be something for everyone. Doze under the stars with some sleeping bags or go on a horseback riding adventure with our horses. What more is there to be excited about?! Go grab your favorite pieces before they're gone.

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