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Posted by Sean Catino on Jun 10th 2022

Father’s Day News Alert: Playtime with Dolls Can Include Dad Too!
Father’s day is just around the corner! This is a special day for fathers who have time to spend with their children, and it gives many families a chance to celebrate together while strengthening their bonds as a family.However, many fathers find themselves at a loss at what to do when it comes to playtime with their doll-loving children. Have no fear, The Queen’s Treasures has … read more

Posted by Sean Catino on May 27th 2022

Fundamentals for Storing 18 Inch Doll Collections
Whether you’ve loved dolls since childhood or you’ve found yourself accidentally garnering a collection of these one-of-a-kind toys, it’s not uncommon to find yourself with a doll collection with no idea how to display or store them. Regardless of their age, your dolls can last a lifetime when given the proper care and storage. Here are just a few steps to make sure your doll c … read more
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