Posted by Steve Geneseo on Dec 5th 2022

What is Cozy?

A “cozy” can be the quilted cover for a tea pot. It can be the crackling of a fireplace or the effect of curtains added to a room. If we’re lucky, cozy surrounds us during the holidays in all its wondrous forms. It swaddles us in padded coats and wraps us in warm, fluffy scarves. It fills the air with the smell of freshly baked cookies, mulled cider and pies cooling by the stove. Our pets do an interpretive dance in honor of “cozy” every time they circle round and round finding the perfect spot for a nap.

Cozy is also a state of mind – in memories of loved ones gathered around us and of happy times that insulate us from the worries of the day. Cozy drifts effortlessly through time. It can be here and now, nostalgic and rooted in the past, or it can combine the two – like when a fresh batch of cookies from a family recipe recalls thoughts of long ago. Cozy embodies everything we hope for in the spirit of the season. We wish that for you and your families!

The holidays are also wonderful time to bring cozy into the world of play. Here are a few cozy favorites: Little House on the Prairie Wood Cook Stove (like the one Ma used to cook and bake on, sized for our 18” Laura Ingalls Doll and other 18” dolls) or soft, brushable pets like the Husky Pup or cuddly Maine Coon Kitty. For pre-schoolers, nothing could be cozier than a Carryalong Cabin filled with a Little House-ful of Ingalls Bears!

At The Queen’s Treasures®, we believe that imagination is the key to unlocking a whole new world outside of the digital age we’ve been thrust into. The aim of our products is to help inspire and nourish creative play that begins in a child’s mind so they can grow their imagination and fuel creativity. With toys designed to be memorable, they are lovingly made to be in your family for years to come so that generations from now, that imaginative fun can still flow. Our products are tested to meet or exceed testing standards in the USA, and Canada so that you and your children can play with peace of mind.

Thus, we cordially invite you to enter the great hall and begin perusing our finest treasures, made just for you!

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