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ENTRY RULES FOR “MAKE YOUR BLESSING COUNT” CHARITY DRIVE VIDEO CONTEST (1) These entry rules regulate the conditions for participation in the event and any required transfer of rights. The description and respective event process are included in these entry rules. (2) The organizer of the event is The Queen’s Treasures®, 777 North 5th Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360. (3) These entry rules will be deemed to have been accepted when the participant enters the competition. (4) The competition is not connected with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media site and is not sponsored, supported or organized by any social media site. (5) Participant(s) MUST submit their entry video by (6) All residents of the United States of America over the age of 6 and up to the age of 9 are permitted to take part in the competition. Participation using false identification or the identification of a third-party is not permitted. (7) Those eligible to take part can participate in the event by submitting a video that involves the child expressing their positive holiday wish. At least one The Queen’s Treasures product must be used during video. Please include the phrase "For every Like & Share The Queen's Treasures will donate a $1 in toys to the Salvation Army Toys for Tots charity drive!" (8) The participant can post a video on The Queen’s Treasures® Facebook page or on their own Instagram page. The Queen’s Treasures must be tagged in post. For each share and like of original post, The Queen’s Treasures will donate $1.00 worth of toys to Salvation Army’s Toys for Tots charity drive. PLEASE NOTE: Original post MUST be set to “public” and shareable on Facebook in order to qualify. Granting the right of use (1) The participant guarantees that they are the owner of the required rights to the uploaded videos. If the participant is not the sole owner or holder of rights, they hereby expressly declare that they have the rights required for participation in the event. (2) The participant grants us the following basic non-exclusive rights of use, without limitation as to time and space, • the right to save the video on a server; • the right to make the video fully or partially accessible to the general public on the following social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. • the right to use the video to advertise our products; • Parents or legal guardians of child may be asked to sign a “Social Media Video Release”. SOCIAL MEDIA RELEASE FOR “CREATE A QUEEN’S TREASURES®” COMMERCIAL CONTEST PARTICIPANT NAME: I hereby authorize The Queen’s Treasures, Inc. and its agents to publish photographs and/or videos taken of m e, and my name (as necessary) for the use in above mentioned social media sites for general, advertorial, editorial and marketing purposes. I acknowledge that since my participation with The Queen’s Treasures is voluntary. I will receive no financial compensation beyond donations made on my child’s behalf. I further agree that my participation in any publication, website and social media site associated with The Queen’s Treasures confers upon me no rights of ownership whatsoever. I release The Queen’s Treasures, Inc., its contractors and employees from liability for any claims by me or a third party in connection with my participation. By signing below, I acknowledge and agree to these terms. If the participant is under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian will acknowledge and agree on their behalf. SIGNATURE: DATE: ADDRESS: PHONE: EMAIL: