Posted by Sean Catino on May 10th 2022

In a global economy, many buyers who are looking to surprise their favorite little girls with a new doll or doll accessory find themselves looking at the “best value” toys. Many secrets can be hiding behind a low price tag though. Mass-produced toys, dolls, and doll accessories often make it to market without first being properly tested for safety. Cheaply manufactured products may be riddled with choking-hazard parts that can be easily broken off of the product, lead-poisoning, and a wide variety of other harmful chemicals.

In a study conducted by the Campaign for Healthier Solutions, it was found that over half of products tested from discount and dollar stores contained chemicals which can be harmful.

However, these types of products are not only stocked at your local dollar store. Similar, cheaply-made toys, dolls, and doll accessories are available on popular online marketplaces such as Walmart or eBay. Despite commendable efforts to assure that only safe products are available for purchase, some evade restrictive guidelines and are still available at extremely low prices. Remember when you’re shopping for your next birthday or holiday idea, that a cheap price may cost more than what you think.

Moreover, buying a toy or a doll for a child should be about inspiring fun, creativity, and hours of imaginative play. “As a parent, I should be able to buy a product without expecting to poison my child,” said Jose Bravo, the coordinator of Campaign for Healthier Solutions, as they continue urging stores to phase out products and chemicals that pose potential health risks to young children and general consumers. Unfortunately, dangerous products look deceptively innocent and cheap.

Companies like The Queen’s Treasures believe that traditional toys should not only inspire a sense of imagination, but they should also be a product that is completely safe for any child to handle. The entire stock of products sold by The Queen’s Treasures is meticulously tested to meet international safety standards to make sure each shipment is filled with safe, fun, and quality-made 18” doll products. Keeping a high standard for children's’ safety is a standard that The Queen’s Treasures holds in high regard, and it is an exemplary commitment that they soon hope more toy and doll companies will follow in the future. 

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