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18 Inch Dolls

The Queen's Treasures® offers exquisitely crafted 18 inch dolls made of the finest materials.

What's New!

What's New

The Queen's Treasures® has new products for 18" Dolls that range from clothes, to dining and tea sets, and much more!

15" & 18" Doll Clothes

The Queen's Treasures® offers a variety of exquisitely designed American style clothing that fits 18" girl dolls....

18" Doll Furniture

American Style Doll furniture sized for 18 inch Girl dolls can be found here. Some examples are an 18” doll trunk, an...

18" Doll Accessories

18" Doll Accessories

We have the best accessories for your 15" or 18" dolls. Whether you're looking for furniture, clothing, or other...

Movies & Books

The Queen's Treasures® has a great selection of American Girl® and Little House on the Prairie® movies and books

Welcome to The Queen's Treasures!

If you feel it's important to purchase high-quality, safety tested toys made of wood and quality materials the old-fashioned way for your child or loved one - you have found your source!  If you want unmatched customer service with phones "manned" by real people here in the Good Old USA - you have found your source!  The Queen's Treasures

Be the first to see our   NEW items like the Exclusive folding  18 inch Doll House!  Our unique designs are crafted from premium quality materials that stand the test of time and meet or exceed the toy safety standards of the USA, Canada, and Europe. The Queen's Treasures® is dedicated to creating safe, quality products made the old-fashioned way... With pride, sold reasonably and designed to pass down from generation to generation. 

The Queen’s Treasures® was born in 2005 first offering high-quality doll trunks for 18-inch dolls like American Girl®, 18” doll desks, and other 18” doll storage solutions. From there we began designing 18” outfits and dresses compatible with American Girl Doll® Clothes. Our 18-inch doll furniture line expanded to include 18-Inch doll tables and chairs, 18-Inch doll hutches, 18” doll beds, 18-Inch Doll Chairs , and  18-Inch doll wardrobes. Our exceptional 18-Inch doll accessory line includes  18-Inch doll food 18-Inch doll dishes,  18 Inch doll utensils  18" doll cookware and more! More recently we launched collections inspired by the beloved works of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie® books and by Dr. Jane Goodall's heroic conservation efforts – all to rave reviews! We have received over 45,000 positive feedback ratings as a Topseller on eBay. We have a 100% feedback rating on Amazon with over 100,000 orders shipped and our products are carried at top retailers in the USA. We look forward to exceeding your expectations! Shop today! Read More About The Company...

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