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Our Products

When developing a product line that is predominantly geared to children, we won’t settle for less than perfection. High quality materials that can stand up to real play, stringent safety testing to assure our products are responsibly manufactured with safe materials and most importantly, items that kids never want to put down – that’s a tall order. Our talented staff work directly with factories to carefully create every item in our line of 18 inch doll-sized furniture, clothing and accessories sized perfectly for 18 inch dolls like American Girl®.

How does each 18 inch doll trunk develop from concept to creation? How does each 18 inch doll-sized outfit make it from design to your doorstep? Our amazing team consults the best focus group – our family who regularly visit the “Kingdom”.

For example, when Joann’s (The Queen) niece recently noticed that The Queen’s Treasures® had many mixes to bake treats at home, but no baking outfit or accessories for her doll, The “Queen” got to sketching.

And so, a chef’s ensemble and authentically designed kitchen accessories sized for 18″ dolls like American Girl® – began the journey into reality. Sketches were developed for the outfit and all the adorable bake-ware, and sent on to the factory. Prototypes were developed, and tested for “playability”.

Something was missing – without an oven mitt, how was the doll to remove her baked goods from the oven? The addition was immediately sent to the drawing board and on to development.

When the “Queen” and her little “princesses” found the accessories sized specifically for American Girl® Dolls satisfactory, they went on to put the products through stringent safety testing to insure safety for all. The Complete Chef’s Outfit was ready for production.

Every item, every piece – heirloom quality ready for hours of play for generations.