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Above all, the Queen’s Treasures® is a company about giving back.

Our NEW "Virtual Home Party" program allows you to “host” a tea party with all your organization members, to earn money for your group! This is NOT your run of the mill tiresome fundraising event. This tea party is “virtual”.

Sign up for a “tea party” and we will provide you with a special code that when used on our website (or in our store) – offers a 10% discount towards purchases. The “party” lasts up to a month– meaning the coupon code is valid for up to 4 weeks. Simply email or mail a tea party “invite” to your members directing them to our website, or to our showroom location. Provide them with the coupon code. They will benefit from a 10% discount on orders placed (as well as introducing them to our great products)! For any orders placed by your guests during your "tea party" – YOUR ORGANIZATION will receive a check equal to 15% of your party’s purchase!

What can be easier?
Here's how it works:
1. You decide when you would like to "host" your virtual tea party.
2. We create a coupon code (likely your organization's name) that can be used on our website. The coupon code will automatically deduct 10% off the cost of any items purchased by your friends while allowing us to track the sales your "party" generated.
3. We create an invitation email that you are welcome to forward to anyone on your email list - or you can create your own (making sure to provide the coupon code).
4. Your guests receive the party invite to shop our website, or our NEW showroom. They shop - save 10% (and get a free gift).
5. At the end of the party period - we will email you and write your organization a check - equaling 15% of your party sales.

This is a great FUNDRAISER for PTA's and Charitable organizations!

We look forward to helping you achieve your fundraising goals.