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Officially Licensed Little House on the Prairie® 18" Mary Ingalls Doll & Accessories

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  • Featuring the officially-licensed Little House on the Prairie® 18" Mary Ingalls Doll inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder’s treasured stories.
  • Designed by highly skilled artists to embody the beloved character's spirit. Mary's wise and gentle nature is captured in her stunning blue eyes, golden hair and flawless features.
  • Mary comes in a pioneer-style, cornflower-blue calico dress and bonnet with an apron and pantaloons. Her 8-piece heirloom accessory set includes a chalkboard for writing and a gingham-lined lunch pail with a drawstring closure for her biscuit, cheese wedge, hardboiled egg, apple, cookie, and cup. Clever keepsake box converts to a cozy bed that tucks into a log cabin backdrop, complete with window!
  • High quality and unsurpassed detail, Mary features vinyl shoulders and a soft poseable body. Doll measures 18" high. Box measures 18 3/4"L X 7 1/4"W x 4 1/4"D. Sized for play with other 18" dolls and 18" doll accessories.
  • Exclusively made by The Queen's Treasures®, offering the highest quality 18" Doll Furniture, 18" Doll Clothes, 18" Doll Shoes & 18" Doll Accessories!

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Age 6+

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First off, I gave Mary a Very Good rather than an Excellent for issues that I'm sure are minor and that I'll just have to learn to live with. Her legs are pigeon-toed, but after returning the first doll and having the second one end up the same way, makes me think that all the dolls are made that way so Mary can sit like a lady, as opposed to many other 18 dolls who's legs splay out widely when they're seated. The second issue is her hair. Now don't get me wrong, I love how soft her hair is compared to other 18 dolls out there. It's just that her hair is so smooth that when released from any type of braid, her hair immediately and rapidly falls straight again. I don't know, maybe I need to brush her hair before putting it into any sort of style? Her hair's also rather thin compared to other dolls I have, but that's OK, it'll make it easier to style, won't have so much hair to deal with. Other than that, Mary's great. I love the fact that her eyelashes are just as soft as her hair. Her vynal chest plate and shoulders look great in sleeveless outfits. Her joints move smoothly and her vynal is nice and smooth. I also love how girly her outfit is, not to mention the fact that her apron ties in the back instead of velcro that could snag her lovely hair. I love how her boots fit her just right, rather than one shoe being a little bigger than the other. Being blind, I can't say much on her looks. Speaking of blind, thank you for making Mary. I know that you were probably just making her because she's Laura's sister, and the one without the other is like pizza without pop, but I'm so glad you did as Mary went blind in her lifetime, like I did. I know she probably doesn't look blind, but Laura stated in her book that she didn't look blind at all, and I've been told that I don't either. I'm not sure if you intended this, but it's really hard to find toys and dolls that represent those of us with dissabilities, so whether you meant to or not, thanks anyway.
I just received my doll and cat yesterday and they are totally delightful! I love her sweet cheerful expression and adorable outfit. She comes with her lunch bucket along with her school lunch inside, even her tin cup and slate! Her shoes are adorable as well as the Black Susan cat! Great quality overall and I definitely recommend these products!
This doll is absolutely great! She is very pretty, the doll is good quality, and the accessories remind me of the old AG pleasant company quality! Very nice!
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